About Us


Awarded #12 on the Fastest Growing Businesses in Portland in 2012.

Beginning in 1983, we worked with Washington Federal Savings and Loan, going into repossessed homes and fix them up for resale. Shortly thereafter, we began working with real estate agents and property managers to help them with property fix-up lists.

At that point, we were only growing by word of mouth, and it was just Don doing the work. The boys worked with Don off and on throughout all the years.The business had grown steadily throughout the years, until 2003, when Chris and later Troy decided to come back to the family business full time. Troy settled into a Foreman position, and Chris took over a significant amount of marketing and sales to grow the company. In late 2006, we recruited Josh back to the business full time, from a competitor.

The business is still run from the Martin family property, and we continue to keep the family atmosphere throughout our jobs. We have had to get more organized as we get bigger in order to maintain client happiness, and make sure we all still enjoy our work.