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Martins on Maintenance Past Shows

February 15 2014 Show: Radon Review & Things Not To Do Before Selling Your Home February 8 2014 Show: 10 Quick Fixes Around The Home & Radon Review February 1 2014 Show: Radon Gas Dangers in the Home & Dry Rot Damage Repair  January 25 2014 Show: Water Damage Prevention and Water Drainage Remedies  January 18 […]

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Recommended Tools for Home Maintenance

What sort of tools should the average homeowner have on hand to perform their own home maintenance and home improvements?  Here is the list we recommend to get you started… Tool Bag or Tool Box Square Hammer Tape Measure Cat’s Paw 3/4” chissel Needle nose pliers Cresent Wrench Channel Locks Nail Set Ear Plugs Safety […]

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Fall Weatherization Checklist

Clean gutters and down spouts. Check roof for leaks. Fix water drainage in areas where water gathers. Service furnace and change air filter. Call a pro if necessary for service. Check and repair air leakages in doors and window. Check and service chimney, if applicable. Call a pro if necessary. Test smoke detectors and carbon […]

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