Backflow Testing

Those of you who have sprinkler systems have most likely received notifications from your water districts that it is time to have your back flow assembly tested.  However, the general population typically does not know what a “backflow” is, when they need a backflow assembly (or backflow prevention device) and why it is important to have this tested.

What is a backflow?

“In the simplest terms, backflow is when water flows opposite of how it was intended to flow in a pipe or hose.  What makes this dangerous is that the action that causes water to flow the wrong way can also draw foreign substances in to your water system.  When certain conditions occur, substances such as dirt, fertilizers and soap can end up in your drinking water if there isn’t an approved backlfow preventer installed to protect your system.” – City of Hillsboro

Why do you need to a backflow prevention device”

The backflow prevention device protects the water supply from contamination or pollution due to the backflow.

Why is it important to get your backflow assembly tested?

As with any mechanical device in and around your home, prevention is key and maintenance of these devices insures they are working properly to avoid any possible problems.   A backflow assembly has test cocks and shut-off valves that must be tested when installed and tested yearly for you and your family’s protection.

Don Martin Property Maintenance is a Certified to do these backflow tests and performs them annually for many residents. Contact us today to schedule.